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Barcode Fun: How YOU Could Use 2D Barcodes

QR Code


QR Code

Due to popular demand, we once again have a Semacode generator and QR code generator in store for you! You can access it by simply clicking Create! in the menu bar.

Semacodes and QR codes are two types of 2D barcodes. Aside from appearance, the main differences are in size and storage capacity. Semacodes can be printed smaller and are capable of storing more information than QR codes of the same size. Any type of text can be stored in 2D barcodes, whether it be a URL, SMS message, or simply text like “Oh, hai doggy”.

2D Barcodes are seemingly limited in their usefulness to quite a small number of people. Typically, we see 2D barcodes on products and promotions. So what good is this newly implemented feature for those of us who don’t work with products or promotions?

BlackBerry Messenger

The first, most obvious answer is that many people, specifically BlackBerry users, already use QR Codes to easily transfer BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) pin numbers. Rather than inputting those eight characters, a simple scan will add a new BBM contact.

Business Contact

On a more professional level, 2D barcodes, which have the potential to store massive amounts of information, can be used for business contact information. Rather than receiving the conventional business card and manually spending precious time inputting the data, a quick scan of a 2D barcode can provide more information than a business card would hold.

For your future contacts, the old “Sorry, I must have misplaced your business card!” excuse will be ancient history. Additional advantages include being eco-friendly by decreasing the amount of materials used from thousands of business cards to a just few cards with a printed 2D barcode.

Urban Fun

Who doesn’t love a little fun and adventure? With use of Semacodes, the possibilities are endless! Recreate mundane, lame games into something bigger and better.

Why limit scavenger hunts to your house when you could expand it to include neighbourhoods, several blocks, or the entire downtown core? Just gather a bunch of friends, print out a few Semacodes, create an objective and you’re good to go!


Do you love art, 90° angles, and the symmetry of a square? Venture a go at Semacode artwork! Let’s take look at what 2D barcode artwork has been already done:

A QR Code Waffle! made with Chiclets
gum and chocolate chips
A Semacode composed of Scrabble pieces
Cupcakes! Delicious. A Semacode created from a wheatfield, which has been captured by Google Images.

Let us know what you create!


The Nintendo 3DS, like the Nintendo Wii, allows players to create Mii characters, personal avatars, either manually or automatically with Mii Maker. The Mii Maker uses a front-facing camera to capture your picture as a basis for your Mii character. Mii characters can be encoded into QR codes, which can be scanned by the Nintendo 3DS, to allow easy teleportation between devices.

Similarly, LittleBigPlanet 2 allows its players to encode custom-made levels into QR codes. These can be scanned and loaded by other players using PlayStation 3’s “PlayStation Eye”. Levels are shared on the LittleBigPlanet community site.

Sites On the Go!

Abruptly having to leave in the midst of reading an article (or perhaps this blog) can be quite frustrating. But have no fear! Thanks to your trusty mobile, you can take the site on the go! And thanks to our barcode generator, you can now do it in less than ten seconds! Just follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Go to our barcode generator.
2. Copy and paste the URL into the generator
3. Use Semacode to scan and GOGOGO!

Donate to Japan

2D barcodes can be encoded with SMS messages and recipients which prompt scanners to send the message. At this time, this is the most important use of 2D barcodes. The follow codes are encoded SMS messages, which can be scanned to donate to Japan.

In Canada:

In the USA:

$5 to The Canadian Red
Cross Society
$10 to American Red Cross

Now it’s your turn. Let us know what YOU do with Semacodes.

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  1. realwareman (April 8, 2011)

    How about price tags in supermarkets and the user downloads a supermarkets app? (Ex: Publix App) so that the users phone collects all data and prices, the app creates a list of all items in the cart and then the user proceeds to scan the newly, fully populated semacode into the cashiers scanner?

    That surely would make an amazing quick experience at the supermarket!

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